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10 Reasons Why Senior Portraits are a Must!

Western Massachusetts Senior Portrait Photography

Senior pictures aren’t just for the yearbook anymore! There are numerous reasons why you should document this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and I’m here to tell you 10 reasons why Senior Portraits are a must!

They express who you are

Senior portraits can reflect your interests and feelings during this major milestone. They can represent your current identity and the important things in your life at the moment. Senior portraits are able to capture who you are in this moment, that you can look back on even as you grow and change.

They capture memories

Senior portraits keep this moment set in stone forever. As the years pass, and your child grows, you will want photos of these important moments in both of your lives to look back on. These pictures hold the memories of this time so you never forget them.

They show off your best side

Senior portraits give you the opportunity to look your best. You can decide to go full out, with professional hair and make-up, or simply as you are. It is up to you, but either way senior portraits show off the best side of you during this momentous occasion.

This moment only happens once

Graduating Highschool only happens once, so to make sure it is remembered forever, getting professional photos is essential. You can’t go back to this time, but professional photos of your seniors will keep the memories from fading. It took lots of work to reach this point, so make sure it is never forgotten.

Graduation announcements…

Adding a senior photo to a graduation announcement is a great way to show others how much your senior has grown. It shows family and friends how much they have changed, and allows them to remember the moment with you.

They give you the experience to model for a day

During a senior portrait session the possibilities for outfits are endless. You can bring one or more and get to show off all different sides of you. The shoot is about you and showing who you are. You’re the model.

It’s a celebration of you

Senior portraits are about celebrating you and your accomplishments. Make sure to capture this moment of achievement forever and what you have achieved. Senior portraits get to show off who you are in this moment and celebrate who you have become.

It’s a reward for all your hard work

After all the years of late nights doing homework, and big tests, getting to celebrate this time is important. These professional photos are the reward for all the years of hard work that you made it through. They honor your achievement and allow you to look back on it years from now.

It’s a way to capture you in this moment

You have morphed into a new person through your life and you will continue to change as you move past Highschool and into the world. Make sure that you are able to look back at who you were during this time, and see who you have become since then. Senior portraits are a way to freeze time, keeping graduation a forever moment.

It’s the last portrait session before leaving home

Soon you will likely be going off into the world, whether to college, a new city, or something else, and who knows the next time everyone will be under the same roof. Make sure to capture these moments because you don’t know when the next chance will present itself. When your senior leaves home they will change in so many ways, make sure to photograph this moment before it’s gone.

It’s never to early to book your Senior Portraits! Reach out and let’s get you on the schedule!

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