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Nicole DaCampo is a Massachusetts Birth and Postpartum Doula providing services for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and lactation to help mothers and families thrive. As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with multiple certifications and her own personal experiences she is prepared to help you with your motherhood journey!

What is your name! How should people address you?

Nicole DaCampo (she/her), just call me Nicole 

What is the name of your business?

Empowered Women’s Wellness  

Where are you located and what areas do you serve?

Wilbraham and I serve Central and Western MA but am willing to travel further depending on circumstances.

And what inspired you to open your business (or get into the field)? How long have you been active in this field?

I was inspired to open my own business because I want to provide the support, advocacy and education I think every family should receive. We no longer have “the village” to help care for us and our families so I’m trying to help bridge that gap. My inspiration to work as a doula really came from my own experience of labor and birth of my first son. I had a traumatic birth (from my own perspective) and learned so much from that experience. I then trained as a birth doula while pregnant for the second time and prepared myself more for labor using some hypnobirthing techniques so that I had the birth I was ultimately hoping for.

After both births, I decided that I wanted to help others have a more empowered, supported and informed birth so I did a second birth doula training and certified as a birth and postpartum doula. I’ve been working as a doula for over a year but completed my first birth doula training about two years ago. I also work as a birth center nurse and can use my doula training and knowledge to help provide extra support. 

What products/services do you offer?

I offer birth doula and postpartum doula services and lactation support. 

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my job is being included in such a personal and intimate time in a family’s life. I am so grateful to be a part of that. 

What is the most rewarding and most challenging part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is supporting a birthing person and/or family to have the birth experience they’re hoping for. The most challenging part of my job is the lack of sleep and missing out on being home with my children when I’m gone for extended periods of time. 

What products/services do you offer? Please feel free to go into detail to give a greater understanding of these services!

I offer birth doula services as a package and postpartum doula services as a package. 

My birth doula package includes at least 2-3 prenatal visits, on call support for labor and birth and 1 postpartum visit. 

My postpartum doula package varies depending on how many hours the person or family is looking to book but generally includes in home postpartum and lactation support. 

What Inspires you? What do you want to achieve in the future?

The incredible strength and power women (or a birthing person) has when they’re bringing a life into this world. I’m also inspired by the love that’s needed to care for that newborn while undergoing such a life altering change and recovery period. 

I also hope to see the Green River Doula Network, a local nonprofit, expand as I am a board member and treasurer so that we may be able to offer more for families in Western MA.

I want to become a lactation consultant (IBCLC) and be able to continue to grow my business and create something that is a “one stop shop” for all things pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and parenting so there really is a village for families. 

Tell me a little about yourself personally so potential clients get to know you! (Feel free to tell me as much or little as you’re comfortable with!)

I’m a passionate person that gets excited to talk about all things parenting, pregnancy, etc. I like meeting new people but I’m also an introvert so can sometimes I can be a bit shy. I love my family deeply and would do anything for them. 

Tell me a little about your family life. Are you married, have children, or pets?

I’m married, have two boys, and two dogs.

P.S. I have breastfed my own two children for four years combined so breastfeeding has been a part of my life for a long time now! 

What do you do for fun in your down time?

I enjoy exercising, doing yoga, reading and going for hikes with my family. 

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra to live by?

Trust your instincts (especially as a mother). 

Anything else you would like to share?

I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and have three degrees, two bachelor’s and a Masters, from UMass Amherst and Regis College. I’ve been a babysitter and nanny since I was twelve years old and have learned that caring for children and families is what I’ve always been drawn to. I’m also passionate about health & wellness, nutrition and clean living. 

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