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Do I Need Engagement Photos? | Boston Engagement Photographer

As a Boston Engagement Photographer, many of the couples I worked with are faced with the question “Do I need Engagement Photos” My answer will always be yes! And with good reason that I am here to share with you!

They are a way to capture this once in a lifetime moment

This moment between you and your spouse is very special.  You don’t want to miss out on capturing this moment by not taking engagement photos.  By taking these photos of this special time in your life, you can look back and remember it forever.  

It allows the photographer to get to know you both

Establishing a relationship with your photographer before your wedding will have a noticeable impact on the outcome of your wedding photos.  These little details they notice during your engagement shoot will transfer over to your wedding making your photos unique to both of you.

You’ll get photos of the two of you to use before the wedding

Having engagement photos will let you have images of the two of you sharing a special moment before your wedding.  You can use these on announcements of your engagement, wedding invitations, or even in your wedding.  You can share these photos with loved ones as well before your wedding.

It’s an opportunity to become comfortable in front of the camera

Not everyone feels natural in front of the camera and taking engagement photos will give you some practice for the wedding.  By getting the experience before your big day you will have one less thing to worry about.  You can learn to feel more relaxed and at ease by taking engagement photos.

You can express yourselves creatively

Unlike with your wedding photos, you can use this opportunity to express who you are in new ways.  You get more opportunities to represent who you are.  With engagement photos you have total creative freedom, you can choose location, clothing, and style of these photos.

You can celebrate your love

These engagement photos are a way to show how much you two love each other at this very moment.  You will be able to look back on these photos years from now and see how in love you looked and remember who you fell in love with and how your love has grown.  Celebrate the most exciting time of your life and the love you two share for each other.

Now that you know that you MUST have your engagement captured, let’s connect and schedule your session!

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