Merlot on the Water | Your Dream Waterfront Wedding Venue

When it comes to finding a venue that can successfully turn each of your big day’s dreams into a reality, you might feel that there are rarely such places. Well, allow me to introduce you to Merlot on the Water. The perfect waterfront spot to host your love celebration at. 

Located in the historic center of Broad Brook, a natural-inspired neighborhood of East Windsor. This is definitely one of the best wedding venues in Connecticut you can find. It boasts beautifully manicured gardens surrounded by lush green landscapes, perfect for anyone looking for a tranquil place to crown their love. I’m positive that the peaceful surroundings and the lovely scenery will attract you from the moment you set foot here.

The name Merlot on the Water is not a coincidence. In fact, the venue sits immediately on Broad Brook Pond. It has a spacious outdoor terrace that provides a breathtaking view over the waterfront. It is interesting to see how it can provide such a unique blend of sophistication and a natural setting. If you’ve always imagined your special day as an elegant event filled with countryside vibes, this is the right spot for you. What’s more, this place’s immaculate atmosphere and aesthetics allow for some of the most flawless photos you will cherish forever.

The venue has its roots planted in the distant 1800s. It is now family-run and operated, which guarantees a personalized experience that both you and your dear guest will enjoy. It has a ballroom with a capacity to accommodate up to 150 guests. Although the room can even hosts as few as 40 guests. No matter whether you’re looking for a more intimate or a larger celebration, this place can host them all. 

Moreover, they are a full-service venue, which means that they, alone, can take care of everything you could possibly need regarding the design of your special day. From the table decor at your reception to the delicious food you will enjoy throughout the day. They have several wedding packages designed to fit different requirements. This means that they can customize their menus to any budget and dietary requirements.

Being called one of the best wedding venues in Connecticut is not for nothing. What you need to know about this place is that they only host one event per day – no matter its size. This allows them to focus all of their professionalism on providing you with a tailored experience you want- and deserve! 

So, if you want to feel as if you have just discovered the brightest gem in the countryside, book your special day at Merlot on the Water. The staff will ensure that every little detail is well taken care of and that you are given the most unforgettable experience. 

Of course, celebrating your one-of-a-kind love means you need the right photographer along your side to capture it all. Head over to my website and get in touch!

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